buddy Frequently Asked Questions

There are a series of steps that are elementary to all professional dog grooming procedures:

How old should my dog be before I get s/he groomed?

Your puppy should be introduced to grooming as soon as he/she has all his/her injections, we do a puppy package,
which introduces your puppy to all the sounds and smells of the salon. A puppy package includes a wash, brush out, face & bum tidy, anal gland & nails. This helps your puppy become more confident in the salon so that when its time for a full groom they are use to being handled.

How often should I get my dogs nails clipped?

This is a questions I get asked a lot. There is no exact answers. All dogs are different just like humans.
If your dog is an active dog who walks on concrete a lot usually this will help keep the nails worn,
but always watch out for the dewclaw(thumb) which can curl into the skin if not cut often enough.
Older dogs usually need their nails cut more often than a younger dog as they tend not to put as much weight on their legs and also are a lot less active. If your worried about your dogs nails feel free to drop in for me to take a look and advise you on when they will need clipping. Please dont try clipping them at home as if you clip the quick of your dogs nail to short it will bleed badly and be painful for
your dog, dogs dont forgot and this will upset your dog whenever he/she needs her nail clipped afterwards

The Process

° Appraising the overall condition of the pet
° Bathing
° Drying
° Trimming Nails
° Trimming Pads
° Cleaning Ears
° Clearing the sanitary areas of some breeds
° Checking the anal glands
° Evaluations Process

No matter what dog, the first step in grooming is to appraise the pet’s overall condition

° Do the skin and coat appear healthy?
° Does the pet have a foul odour?
° Does the skin appear red or inflamed?
° Does the pet scratch or itch?
° Are parasites present?
° Is the coat oily, dry or limp?
° Is this an active, outdoor dog or a pampered princess?
° Is the pet bathed weekly or is this visit to you its first in six months?


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